Samson the Invisible Squirrel – A Surreal Diversion

This feeling never goes away. It’s always there. I can’t get rid of it. The feeling of caring about another human being, even if they don’t always care about me.

I’m just an idiot like that, I guess.

Fortunately, I have a way to deal with it. That’s by inventing silly shit. Like Samson, the invisible squirrel.

Samson was named after a human. But he was always lonely, because he was invisible. Invisible to other squirrels, invisible to other woodland creatures, invisible to nearly everyone.

Except an otter named Lucy.

Now Lucy was odd, herself. Despite being an otter, she built dams like a beaver. Having no teeth to gnaw through saplings, however, she built dams out of fallen branches and other things. She built quite a considerable amount of dams, more than any beaver, though she only lived in one of them. The largest one. She mostly built dams for looks.

She noticed Samson while she was building a dam one day. Samson was getting ready for winter, and he was collecting nuts. Because the dam blocked the river a bit, the ground was muddy, and Lucy saw a muddy blob carrying a nut into a tree. She called out to Samson, and they became fast friends. Yet despite this friendship, she would not allow Samson to live in any of the dams she had built. She would only lead him to other safe places to stay, sometimes while covered in mud but usually just while he was carrying a nut.

I guess you could say that she led Samson around by his nuts, but she didn’t really give a dam.


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