women rain fire cgi artwork umbrellas

Silver linings floating by like sundrops
Raining like sundrops swimming in the deep blue sky
And the ground says how the hell are you
Haven’t seen you for a while and I think I’m going to grow
In response frozen sundrops shoot holes in the gray
Cloud-shaped silver linings turn and look the other way
While the landscape changes into a sundress – yellow sun
Blue sky makes green grass and petal-based rainbows
Squirrels stop to salute birds returning from the south
Shining sundrop sounds fall from every child’s mouth
Skirts get shorter as the days grow longer
Become soaked from jumping in sundrop puddles
Drying quickly – forgetting all the nighttime sundrops
Stored up in memory and released through open windows
No one is afraid if the sundrops come inside
An ocean of sundrops filling up the sky


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