Cold Misunderstanding

Hello darling
Having a good time with your feelings
Are they buried yet
I say hello dear
Bubble evening gown
Unappealing frown
Signs of falling down

Do you know
Don’t you wonder
What’s going on inside your head
Are all the things you take
To make it through
Really just what you need
To make it through
To the next thing you need
To make it through

It’s hard
Every loving word has an asterisk
I risked my ass for a lifetime of wedded bliss
The things you want, everyone wants
The concerns you have, everyone has
Mirror sometimes makes it clearer
What the problem is
Cold misunderstanding
I was told there would be warmth
The only word that means no
Is you

Going over all the things
You’ve gone over before
Are you feeling sentimental
Or just mental
Stable or unstable
Able or unable to face yourself
Or face your fears
Can you conquer them
With pills and tears

Hello angel
Are you enjoying yourself
Red wine and whining
About how it’s not fair
I say hello again hello
Forever in bad dreams
You have been here before
And you probably don’t know just what to do
Do you?


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