The sun is poking through clouds. It can hardly be a sign that snow is falling but not sticking, rain is falling but not getting wet.

A stretch of highway where I live has one very busy bridge over it connecting businesses and a college to strip malls and an actual mall. After all this time, it seems they are constructing a walkway over the highway. They haven’t joined the college and the businesses on the one side of the highway. You still have to cross at a crosswalk. And the college sits pretty far off the road.

It’s as though a collection of things that could be easily joined, and probably should have been, have simply been next to each other, sharing space, or sharing a location in time. It would help the businesses to have a dedicated walkway to the college. It will help the mall to have the walkway across the highway. But it’s been so long.

Even the highway itself didn’t go all the way through when I first moved here. It was connected later. It’s all about connections in this post. The highway connected. The two sides connected. The two parts of one side connected.

The highway – could it be lives joined parentally? The two sides – marriage? The two parts of one side – friendships?

Who am I to make these connections, these metaphors? Someone else will surely see that they are being built, and they exist, and progress is being made, so what’s the problem? I can’t help but think that these connections should have been made long ago, and I lament that they weren’t. I lament that they couldn’t have been created at the same time, and become equal parts of the whole system. They are, instead, just a collection of disparate parts joined by a few tenuous bonds, some very old and well-traveled, some brand new.

None built all along, when they were needed.


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